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Alcolyze Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

Alcolyze BAC analysis is a personal BAC monitoring system designed to be the centerpiece for valid and enforceable prevention programs aimed at drunk driving, underage drinking, and other alcohol-based social problems. By combining comprehensive data capture using innovative blockchain technology. Paired with the most accurate fuel-cell breathalyzer technology on the market, Alcolyze represents a powerful and versatile platform that enables such an approach.

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Acolyze Saas

The Challenge

There are plenty of devices out in the market that can test for blood alcohol content. However, many of these devices were not set up to be used in a custom Software as a service (SaaS), much less using their application programming interface (API). During the pandemic, this was extremely difficult because staff in these organizations were not in the office—a lot of this went off email and fell to a deaf ear.

The Goal

Find an affordable BAC device and work with engineers to complete a custom SaaS and native app (iOS & Android) using their exsisting APIs.

My Role

My participation in this project was to design a native application for iOS, Android, SaaS, and landing pages in collaboration with two full-stack developers with whom I have worked in previous startups. I led the project strategy, coordinated efforts, and developed the content writing. The focus will be the iOS platform and SaaS app.


  • 12 months


Sketch, Adobe XD, Adobe After Effects, Sublime Text, Transmit

alcolyze information architecture
Concept Information Architecture

Dashboard Wireframe
Dashboard Wireframe
List of Users Wireframe
List of Users Wireframe

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iOS Wireframe

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Final Results

Effective alcohol abuse prevention is only possible when individuals, families, schools, civic organizations, and government agencies have the power to deliver a comprehensive effort that encompasses educations, engagement and encouragement, and enforcement.

By combining comprehensive data capture and sharing capabilities with the most accurate fuel breathalyzer technology on the market, Alcolyze represents a platform that enables such an approach.


  • 85% Improvement reach from Alcolyzer to Alcolyzee – Admin could easily see reports for each user, set up automated random testing time frames, and interview and setup process through the SaaS app and native iOS/Andriod apps.
  • 3,000+ users within one month in pilot testing cities in Harris, Harlingen, and Odessa, Texas. Obtained revenue of $500,000+ within the first two months of usage.

Project Learning

At the height of the testing phase, we had such a successful impact on each pilot city. We were ready to launch to the public courts to consider using services with Alcolyze. Unfortunately, the start-up had a significant blow to the launch because of the Corona Virus pandemic in 2020. Users were at home and therefore did not require services for Alcolyze. The project, after a year, is back and is slowly being introduced to cities that are heavily impacted by DUI offenders (Alcolyzee). Other testing capabilities are currently being developed for HTC. THC is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis that produces a high sensation.

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