Product Designer

Edward Guillén

Edward Guillen

I am a Product Designer passionate about designing and solving users' problems, helping them achieve their goals with ease while creating an enjoyable experience.

I have successfully launched multiple Enterprise Digital Services platforms to help businesses succeed for the last 10+ years. My mission is always about partnering with companies by creating authentic experiences that people admire.
As a Designer, I believe in setting ego aside and creating experiences that cater to users' needs. I enjoy working with cross-functional agile teams (design/product engineering) who bring innovation, culture & designs together. My experience ranges from UI/UX Design, Product Design, Marketing Design, Front-End Development, and Motion Design.

In addition to being a designer on weekdays (and evenings/weekends), you can find me writing music under Lālo Parade and writing up content at Hello Radio, an online resource for indie and mainstream artists.