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SBG Design Plan

Project Brief

Product Designer/Visual Designer

C-suite Leadership

Narrative Strategy
UX Design
Visual Design
Site Mapping
Deck Presentations

I was part of Cisco's Security Design team, where we were focused on aligning our efforts with the company's broader objectives for the fiscal year. My role involved transforming a comprehensive strategy document into a compelling slide presentation. This task challenged me to distill complex concepts into clear, engaging content that not only followed Cisco's guidelines but also captured the audience's attention.

This experience was incredibly rewarding. It gave me a deep dive into Cisco's strategic vision for the year ahead, offering a unique perspective on high-level planning and decision-making. It was not just a chance to apply my skills but also a fantastic learning opportunity, working alongside some of the industry's leading minds. It's been both enlightening and inspiring, significantly contributing to my professional development.

Taking on the job of turning a detailed strategy document into a clear and impactful slide presentation, I got the chance to break down complex ideas into something straightforward and engaging. This meant carefully picking out the key points and fitting them into a slide format that sticks to Cisco's guidelines but still grabs attention.

Seizing this opportunity allowed me to gain a firsthand look at the strategic plans for the upcoming year, which has been both enlightening and inspiring. This was not just a platform for contributing my skills but also a valuable opportunity for professional growth, allowing me to dive deep into high-level strategy and decision-making processes. Think it about it, why not learn from some top players at Cisco?

Deep Dive

I was equipped with a wealth of resources: design systems, brand guidelines, and a vision for the year ahead. Rather than tackling it all at once, I broke down the project into manageable steps, methodically charting a course toward our goals creating a road map.

Integrating feedback at every step, I collaborated with leaders and the team to enhance my designs. It went beyond just following a plan; it was about merging our perspectives into a unified vision.

Within the four-month contract, the cycle of drafting, gathering feedback, and refining became my steady beat. Each round progressively sharpened the project, aiming to align the final result closely with all stakeholders' expectations.

My Challenge

One of the biggest challenges I faced, but also one of the most rewarding parts of my job, was figuring out how to take all the different documents we had floating around the team and make them simpler and clearer. It was all about finding the right way to take complex ideas and boil them down into something everyone could get right away. I had to take these detailed concepts and explain them in a way that was both spot-on and easy for anyone to understand. I'm really thankful I got to work on this. It was a tough nut to crack, but it made me better at what I do and helped the whole team communicate better and work more smoothly.

Final Thoughts

I want to highlight my incredible experience working closely with C-suite leaders at Cisco. Getting a firsthand look at the strategic plans for the upcoming year has been both enlightening and inspiring. This opportunity wasn't just about contributing my skills but a chance to grow professionally, diving deep into high-level strategy and decision-making processes.

If you're interested in learning more about this experience or other projects I've enjoyed working on, I would be more than happy to discuss them in greater detail.